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To allow you register and upload your properties forglobal advertising.

Individual or CorporateSellers and  Buyers, Landlord/Landowner,Estate Agent, Property Developers and Building Vendors  will be eligible to get an account upon registering

Click on the register button and fill the form.

By registering you become a member of As a member of Fatestate.comyou will have the opportunity to Buy, Sell Lease and Rent a property. You willreceive mail notifications from us on interested buyers and sellers andarticles.

To list your property for sale, lease or rent, firstly you have toregister after registering you can now upload your property. Listing is done byfilling up a simple form that takes only a few minutes. Enter all the detailsof your property in the form. After you add your details, it will be sent forvalidation, which is usually completed within 6 hours. All postings are sentfor validation to ensure only necessary/correct information is posted and itcomplies with our terms and conditions.After your property listing is validated, it will be visible for everyone tosee.

A larger online audience will see your propertypostings.
You will receive a professional presentation foryour property.
We offer global advertising in about 6 countries(USA, UK, Canada, Arab Emirates, Europe and China)

You will receive hundreds of buyer's listings that match your propertyposting along with their contact information.

Click the “Request a property” button and fill the form. We get back to you within 12 hours.

All the properties listed on the portal has been verified. We have a system of verifying the user contact details. If you see a verified image against a property contact details you can be assured that we have contacted the person and verified his/her details.

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