About Us


FATESTATE is a licensed online property company that provides global advertising to properties within and outside the country.

We take time to listen and help all our purpose client attain your goals in terms of selling and acquiring properties within and outside the country.


Our goal is to become number one property search company in Nigeria. We will guide all our clients through the entire investment property life cycle – through rental, purchase, lease and sale of your property.

Wanting to Buy, Sell or Lease Property?

FATESTATE provides professional, licensed agents, property developers, and building vendors. We specialize in the listing, leasing and selling of both residential and commercial properties. We will put our experience and professionalism to work for you. We will negotiate your properties correctly, facilitate the best deal on property, ensuring that we meet and exceed your desired goals.

Why you must Choose FATESTATE

We help you to increase your leads and sales. FATESTATE helps real estate professionals to promote their listings to 6 countries. (USA, UK, Canada, Arab Emirates, Europe and China). Through a network of 150+, we help you to get more leads and we help you to improve your sales.

Working with international real estate company in the country mention above has been very interesting. We translate your listings and we make sure your property features are ready to rock and seduce your customers.